Name: KARL

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Primary persona

Age: 21

Education: Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Occupation: software engineer


Karl is studying computer science at the University and he is interested in new technologies. He spends a lot of time indoor, playing computer games and reading. High school classmates mainly form his group of friends. They try to get together once a month and they spend their time playing football and drinking beer. It’s very important for him proving to his friends that he is the best in everything. Last time he was in a museum from his town , he was in high school. When  he travels in other countries he visits their museums. He likes spending time on,, 9gag


  • Playing computer games;
  • Having fun with his friends;
  • Rediscovering museums from his own town;
  • Sharing stories on social networks 9gag


Name: Mari Tamm

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Primary persona

Age: 22

Education: Information and Communication Science BA

Occupation: Student

Background: Mari is very keen to her studies and when it comes to marketing, she tends to focus on social media platforms. She is very interactive and social around there, therefore, finds using them most efficient for reaching biggest range of audience.

She is also very active in sport wise, but also attach it to social media platforms she love to use. She likes to keep track of her doings through apps that tracks her running/walking. He also takes part of public events, such as spring runs, and posts her emotions to Instagram.

Mari also loves culture at its best – she goes at least two times a week to cinema and while inviting friends for come along, she always contact them through Facebook. Whatever she does, she expects to use media devices/social media platforms for easy and quick responses and at the same time adding some excitement to her life. She is not the observer kind of a type, rather active participant in her everyday doings. But she does not limit being an observer if she reach there by actively participating.


  • Being socially active while using all the media platforms and technologies.
  • Goes along with the time and is interested how our media presumption changes over time and keeps a track with it.
  • In her everyday doings, she likes to being social off- and online communities and feels passion towards things, places etc that offers that for her.




18 years old

Finnish Mother, Estonian Father

Tallinn, Estonia



  • Wants to play guitar with his band abroad
  • Active user of Instagram —> Shares post in Twitter and Facebook
  • Likes to discover the world by traveling funded by his music
  • Prefers to live the nights and sleep the days



30 years old

Maternity leave

Tallinn, Estonia


She is an young and active mother for less than one year. She spends a lot of time with her kid but aslo has hours for herself. She uses actively Facebook, but also Enomondo or other app that calculates her daily trips where she has competition within groups.


  • Main goal of a mother is always rising a child and following his/her footsteps.
  • Sharing baby stories with others.
  • Having “own time”, going out, sleep.
  • Spending more time with her friends.


Name: Alison Alder 


photo source Flickr









Secondary persona

Age: 24

Education: Student of Communication Institute, MA

Occupation: student


Alison is a first-year MA student from Germany. She arrived in Tallinn two one month ago. She went sightseeing main touristic attractions. She contacted ESN and other organizations for students and regularly attends all their events. She is interested in getting to know many people with different cultural backgrounds. She likes being involved in volunteering activities.

She uses her laptop as primary communication device and Samsung phone. She has accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Her main income is Erasmus scholarship plus extra money from parents.


  • Socialising and having fun;
  • Getting to know new information about Tallinn and Estonia;
  • Sharing her experiences with her online friends;
  • Being in contact with her family;





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