Results of the design sessions

We had 3 design sessions, trying to understand our persona’s wishes. The results are the following:

1. Conclusion Lora & Erik persona design session

Having Lola and Erika personas in design session reviled lot of interesting insights – first of all, Lola, mother of young babies, seems not be our main personas if any. Although she has lot of free time to use computer and she does make lot of pictures of her babies, she does not identify herself as a person who wants to keep track with new media technologies. For her, posting pictures and stories of her baby to Facebook does the drill and she does not see any point to post them anywhere else. Visibility was also one factor that seemed to distract both of personas. They did not see the point to share something personal to whole world. Even thou the Facebook is also visible for other people than your friends, it still has some hiding possibilities. And overall it is not if people see, rather than aiming 100% to upload there where it is meant for others, who you do not know.

Erik persona proposed that it should be in some other platform. He mentioned Instagram but quickly went back to Facebook and suggested that it could be rather like that – some kind of an app that combines all social media content in one year for a unite story for one person. In conclusion, neither one saw the potential of this kind of a page and did not see themselves as potential users for it.

2. Persona Andrew 35-year-old foreigner who has lived in Estonia over 10-years. He has a functioning company running here in Estonia and offers tours for tourists and local. His past involves tourism and history and he feels a great passion towards Estonia. He would use the web for reading stories and getting more insight information about Estonia and Estonians and therefor being more informative and “local” for giving his tours. He likes the page and calls his Estonian friends to participate. He also shares the web page in his company blog, Facebook and Twitter page. Conclusion Andrew persona Andrew saw a great potential of this kind of a web page. Using Instagram instead of it seemed not so interesting for him. Web page got his attention and even though he know that Estonians are more calm ones and perhaps not so talk active he still sees this page as a potential one. He thought that it should definitely have some cathegories for guide the people and those who like to write for sure is taking part of it. His biggest concern was that it did not had any clear description how does it going to look like. E.g. is there some sort of a call to action to talk about the favourite childhood toy and then we could compare the favourite childhood toys

3. Girl 1, 20 years old, student, Estonia

Smart phones, laptop, TV
1 application last month, don’t use to download it too much
Email, Facebook, Instagram, snake game
Free games
Social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Gmail – everyday
Upload pictures in Instagram – because it is for pictures, not Facebook
Sing up with Facebook account
Bring an object from her bedroom that she doesn’t need + make the motivation bigger – everybody is doing it you have to do it also; if you know some people, friends, spread it. – If you go to the museum, you have to give something from your bedroom.

She doesn’t like museums and she finds them boring. She likes the idea of posting the story of her favorite object because she has some presents that she hadn’t find a use for, but that are very important for her. She shares a lot of pictures on Instagram

Girl 2, 21, BA Crossmedia, Estonia

Devices that she uses: 
Smart phone, computer
; she downloaded 2 phone applications in the last month – Chinese stuff, sentence, for taking a decision; her favorite story Alice in Underworld;

Facebook, pinterest, couchsurfing (sometimes), twitter (sometime), YouTube – daily
Yes, upload picture and post on her personal blog – even for the project – yes, picture with hastag Sing up with the account on Facebook
Put something from your bedroom without expecting something back but she wants to see the picture posted on internet

To complete someone’s story, people have to go from museum to museum to solve questions we present them. Person does not have to be real. We can invent her or him.

ARG would be interesting for her only if online part is interesting enough, otherwise she would not bother.

Ideea: Public space. Bar. People bring furniture what they do not need anymore. Interior designers fit it in. Every piece of furniture has its own story with QR code clued on it. People can see the story of object trough code reader. “I bought this table when I moved to dorm and and so on”.

What more can be done with these stories?
If someone wants to take something home from there, it’s allowed only if he brings something about same value there. Value is not money. Value is story. Actually value is if if you want to go home with desk, you have to bring one there too.

Young professional, Italy, 38, PhD in history

He uses Facebook; he doesn’t have an android phone
“If I go in a new town I first ask friends – personal recommendation. I would use a platform if it would have good design and if it would be easy to find easy to find it – advertise it properly. He doesn’t think it should be designed for Estonians, but for foreigners “If I have 3 days free I can play an ARG”. BUT it should be organized in a small area, in common places where I have access –old town nearby places; it shouldn’t be longer then one day; Easy mission; get clues from touristic shops

In conection with “Personal museum”. People leave objects when they leave town – the most important lamp-the most amazing – cartoon with signatures and stories that happen. Impression about playing online games games: Losing time – have a contact;

He visits museum/ exhibitions if they are for free

Idea: add the sound component; each town/ place has its own sound; Estonia is a sound; same musical theme, different instruments – specific to that period of time


Boy, 22, computer science – MA

Devices that he uses: Laptop, smartphone

He uploads pictures once per month on Facebook – events or trips (with friends)

Social Platforms he uses: Facebook, linked in – like, comment / everyday

More activity online then offline

He wouldn’t upload photo+story

He wouldn’t like to have too much information/text on this platform. He would like to learn Tallinn’s history through playing games. He like the type of games where you are a character and you develop your character through. What do I play games: playing with others, challenge yourself much achievements
. He would play an ARG if someone else would convince him. 
He doesn’t like the web-platform – he finds uploading pictures/videos boring




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