Scenario 1 Ilmari:

Ilmari has got his first guitar from his Finnish grand father, who is a collector and retired touring musicians. He finds the stories of the instruments fascinating, as they are easy to be extended by searching the similar instrument stories from internet.

Ilmari visits often his Estonian grandparents, who are living in a small house near Võrtsjärv. The house has a lot of unique objects that all together create the atmosphere of the grandparents place. Ilmari has sometimes heard stories about the objects and they sure are fascinating. However, they do not resonate Google results in the same way as Fender guitars, and Ilmari is interested to find out more about the magic behind.

Ilmari takes a snapshot of an old clock, and posts it to the “Personal Museum”, with an example story told by his grandfather recently. He tags the story with keywords describing the best the old clock.

– Does he start interacting with the similar content?
– Can he find similar content based on the keywords
– What is the biggest reason for him to share the story in Personal Museum  instead of crowdsourcing the data from Facebook?

Scenario 2 Lola:

Lola wants to share all her experience as a new mother. She is amazed how rapidly her kid grows and shares photos and stories with family and friends. Maybe for her would be interesting to see what kind of clothes used to wear children in the past and what were parent’s behaviour back then. She will find out about this website “personal museum” from facebook and she will take her time and think of the best object and the most interesting story she could come up with. She will play the game just for fun in the beginning, but since the game has this apocalyptic approach she wouldn’t continue.


  • will she follow the facebook link and browse the “personal=museum” website?
  • how can she describe the idea of uploading objects and stories for the future?
  • does she usually plays games? what type of games? what keeps her engaged in a game?
  • would she like reading other people stories?

Scenario 3: Mari

Mari finds a link to Personal Museum page when her friend posted it to her Facebook wall. Mari is very keen to being active off- and online, always looking new interesting things to participate. She immediately clicks the link and starts to explore. She soon discovers, that the idea of the page is to share your stories through an object.

It is no problem for Mari to quickly come up of something she wants to share. She chose to take a picture of her red shoes to what she is very fond of. She describes that she got them from her grandmother’s closet once she was passed away. She wrote that her grandmother was a designer and always had a good taste weather designing on her own or buying things.. And now when using vintage and recycling is getting more and more popular, it could be a story what would relate to people and maybe evoke a little life saving from them as well.

After uploaded the picture and finishing the story, she uploads it and shares it in Facebook, Twitter and her Instagram account.

Q: Did you understand what kind of a platform Mari is using and what’s its for?

Scenario 4: Karl

Karl talks every time with his friends that when they meet next time they should do something interesting, beside drinking beer.  Some friend of his reads a news about a new project developed in collaboration with museums that it’s fun and entertaining. Beside this, is has a free testing period of 2 weeks. Karl gets an invitation from his friends to play an ARG. He clicks and he first reads of couple of lines about the story. After that he is asked to upload a picture of an object that would be useful in the scenario of world catastrophe that will destroy all technology. After a week he gets a strange email received from a guy that asks for an urgent meeting. The email contains some personal information right from the title so Karl gets interested.


Q1: Will Karl spend another Saturday drinking beer with his friends or will they do something interesting?

Q2: Will Karl understand that it’s about game?



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